SCHAEDLER PRECISION RULES, BABY. Paola di Stefano was maybe the first professional graphic designer I worked with. I was in awe of her Precision Rules. I couldn’t help myself. I went out and bought a pair. Imagine a ruler that goes down to 1/64ths of an inch. With one of these, you can eyeball measurements to 1/128th of an inch or better   . . .
        . . . Paola was as enthusiastic as I was. She went on and on about how sturdy they are, how flexible, how accurate, and how it makes so much difference that they’re see-through. (They feel sexy, too.) I took up desktop publishing and typography just so I’d have a reason to use my Schaedler Precision Rules.

SIRS: YOUR REPLACEMENT POLICY seems too good to be true. I enclose my check for $7.50 and my old “C” rule [for a new replacement].

OVER 15 YEARS of daily use!!!

I HAVE A LONG SCAR ON MY ABDOMEN and in the ’80s I thought of having a Schaedler Rule tattooed over it — might come in handy. But then I decided that guys might find that intimidating . . .

DEAR SIR: THANK YOU FOR THIS wonderful offer. I have of course been recommending your rules to my Cerritos College and Cal. State Long Beach University classes for years. But it is always nice to show a new set in the fall. Thank you, thank you.

PLEASE SEND REPLACEMENT RULES to the address on the attached business card. Many thanks for a wonderful product and guarantee.

“I WOULD LIKE TO EXCHANGE THIS vintage ‘C’ ruler for a pristine new ‘C’ ruler. Enclosed is a check for $9.00 . . .
        Thank you for all your beautiful rulers throughout the years.”

DEAR SCHAEDLERS: I JUST BOUGHT a new set of rules and enjoyed reading ‘15 Good Reasons for Owning the Newly Formatted Schaedler Precision Rules.’ Funny!
        Speaking of funny – Moms are supposed to know best and certainly they mean well. My Mom saw that my 20 year old, prized, precision rule had some gunk on it. So as Moms do – she saw it needed to be washed – and being the tidy Mom she is – she put in a bit of elbow grease. Wasn’t that nice of her?! Thank-fully I laughed, although with my chin on my chest! I was desperately hoping I could find another.
        Thank you for being around for 20+ years so I could have another priceless set of rules – for another 20+ years, provided Mom doesn’t get at it again! … Yours is the only set of Rules to own – all the others are just straight edges! Thank you! Thank you!

TO THE ONE IT CONCERNS MOST: Please send three replacement 12” A rules … Enclosed, find a cheque in the amount of 22.50 and two rules that need replacing and one rule that REALLY needs replacing.

AFTER 10 DAYS OF TORRENTIAL RAIN … I found my Schaedler Rule ‘A’ in the flower bed under my apartment stairs … but it doesn’t look too good. I would like to replace it . . .

I BOUGHT THIS as a birthday present to myself.

ENDORSEMENT: WE DON’T LIKE TO BRAG but it wasn’t too long ago that a major automobile manufac-turer bought several dozen SPRs (Schaedler Precision Rules) for its design staff. Modesty prohibits us from mentioning the company’s name. But its initials are GM.

I HAVE BEEN A FILM STRIPPER and graphic artist for 40+ years now and I have to tell you that your rulers are the best.


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