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Our popular 18-inch rules are back in stock and are currently shipping. Thank you for your patience -- we apologize for any inconvenience.

We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving and will resume shipping when we return on Monday the 26th. Thank you for your understanding.

Schaedler Precision Rules may be available from your local Art Materials Retailer. If you prefer, you can order directly from us by using the order form below. You have the option of using our encrypted SSL-Secure server, or printing the form to fax or mail to us.

12" Single "A" Inch/Metric/Pica   #46-IM
Contains one 12" rule. Standard-Inches (64ths) along the top edge; Points/Picas down the Center; Metric mm/cm on the bottom edge. Blue cast
12" Single "B" Deci-Inch/DTP Pica   #46-DIP
Contains one 12" rule. New Decimal-Inches (100ths) along the top edge; Agate Lines down the Center; DTP Points/Pica on the bottom edge. Especially for computer artists, designers, and publishers. Pink cast
12" A/B Set Original Twin Set   #46-DP
Contains two 12" rules. One each of [A] and [B] rules as described above. By far the most popular Schaedler Precision Rule package.
12" Single "C" Inch/Pica/Agate   #46-IP
Contains one 12" rule. Standard-Inches (64ths) along the top edge; Printers Points/Pica on the bottom edge; Agate Lines and sample Point Rules and Bullets down the Center. Re-issued by popular demand. Neutral cast
18" Combo "D" Inch/Metric/Deci/Pica   #18-IMP
Contains one 18" rule. Standard-Inches (64ths) along the top edge; Metric mm/cm on the bottom edge; Decimal-Inches (100ths) and DTP Points/Pica along interior slots. Easily divided into two separate 18" rules. Includes Point Rules, Bullets & Ballot Boxes. A best value all-in-one. Green cast
18" Combo "E" Inch/Metric/Deci/Flat   #18-IMF
Contains one 18" rule. Exactly the same as "D" above but without the interior slots.
18" Twins "F" Inch/Metric/Deci/Twins   #18-IMT
Contains two 18" rules. Exactly the same as "E" above - but twice as many. Flat, no slots.
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