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All Schaedler Precision Rules are proudly made by hand in the United States of America.

12" Single “A” — #46-IM
Standard Inch/Metric @ 29.98
  This rule shows Standard Inches in increments of 64ths of an inch photographically printed along its top edge. It has numbers every 32nd of an inch, every 16th, every 8th and so on— for the entire length of the rule.

Metric Millimeters & Centimeters, in half-mm markings, are printed along the 30 cm bottom edge. In scientific circles, mm’s and cm’s are referred to as metric measurements or SI units (from the French Systéme Internationale). Thought you’d like to know that.

To round out this classic Schaedler Rule, we have placed Printer’s Points & Picas down the center. These are the original points & picas still used in the printing industry — where six picas are equal to .99576 of an inch, not quite a whole inch. We’ve coated this entire Single “A” rule with a blue color tinge so it will be easier to find on a cluttered work-table.

12" Single “B” — #46-DIP
Decimal Inch/DTP Picas @ 29.96
  The Decimal Inch is divided into 100ths instead of 64ths. Suppose you had to break an 8˝" page into three equal columns. The easiest way is to divide 8˝ by three. The answer is 2.83. But that’s a decimal answer. How do you convert it back to standard inches? With the Schaedler Decimal-Inch Rule you won’t have to bother.

DTP Points & Picas (DTP = DeskTop Publishing) have been placed on the other edge of this rule. And this time, the points and picas do correspond to standard inches. 12 points = 1 pica; 6 picas = 1 inch. The scale is cumulatively marked in both points and picas for the entire length of the rule (72 picas or 864 points = 12 inches).

There’s also an Agate Line scale that runs down the center space of this rule. Agate lines were once used to define newspaper advertising space (so many agates by so many columns). Maybe they still are. This “B” rule has a pinkish cast to help distinguish it from the “A” rule at a glance.

12" Double Pack — #46-DP
Original Twin Set @ 49.98
  Contains two 12" rules, one each of the “A” and “B” rules as described above. This is the most popular Schaedler Precision Rule package. It’s a great gift for students — and favorably priced.

12" Single “C” — #46-IP
Inch/Pica/Agate/More @ 31.48
  The Schaedler “A” rules have Inches and Metric on their leading edges; the “B” rules have Decimals and DTP Picas on their leading edges. What if you’d just like to have ordinary inches and ordinary picas on the same rule? A fair request. This reissued Schaedler Precision “C” Rule has Standard Inches in 64ths along the top edge; Points & Picas along the bottom; and Agate Lines and sample Bars and Bullets down the translucent center as sort of a bonus.

18" Combo “D” — #18-IMP
Inch/Metric/Decimal/Pica @ 52.98
  This rule contains 18 inches of all scales as described above (except Agates). And we’ve die cut interior slots to provide edge access to all four popular scales: Standard Inches, DTP Picas, Decimal Inches, and Metric Millimeters/Centimeters. The display includes Bullets, Bars and Ballot Boxes in a variety of sizes. And it can be very carefully cut into two separate 18" rules if you don’t mind risking the sight of blood. Coated with a subtle greenish tinge. The color of envy.

18" Combo “E” — #18-IMF
Inch/Metric/Decimal/Flat @ 52.96
  Exactly the same as “D” above but without the interior slots. Some customers prefer the stronger, sturdier ‘feel’ of the translucent substrate. Direct sale only; not available in retail stores.

18" Twins “F” — #18-IMT
Inch/Metric/Decimal/Twins @ 97.98
  Contains two (2) 18" rules. Exactly the same as “E” above — but twice as many. Flat, no slots. This package is primarily for buyers who wish to tape two rules together in order to extend their length. Or who wish to buy two 18" rules at a lower price. Direct sale only; not available in retail stores.

Product Descriptions for
Schaedler Precision Rules

All Schaedler Precision Rules (SPRs) share the following attributes:

(1) They’re accurate. Calibrated from Grand Master standards, they have an accuracy tolerance of better than .00024" or 1/4,000ths of an inch! That’s less than your fingernails grow in an hour.

(2) They’re convenient. There’s extra grasping room at the left — the most-used end — of each scale; and even the hang-holes are large enough to fit over pushpins.

(3) They’re dimensionally stable. The .007" polyester film base withstands expansion and contraction due to temperature or humidity changes.

(4) They’re adaptable. The flexible film substrate permits undistorted measurements around curved, concave, convex and dimensional objects.

(5) They have superior legibility. The translucent, but not transparent, film base permits the reading of fine graduations over dark or black originals. Whether read against a computer display screen, around dimensional objects, or on warped or flat surfaces, increment marks are always crisp, legible and glare-free.

And (6) they come with a replacement guarantee.

Replacement Guarantee

If the markings on any Schaedler Precision Rule become worn, if the rule is accidentally damaged, or if you simply wish to exchange a "B" rule for, say, a new "C" rule - or a 12" rule for an 18" rule, fold the old rule so it fits in an ordinary business envelope and mail it directly to Schaedler Quinzel, 1259 Route 46 E, #4J, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Include cash or a check (sorry, no credit cards) for one half of the current new price of your desired replacement. We'll ship promptly at our expense.

Please note: Our Replacement Guarantee is for individual product exchange only. Our multiple rule products are already discounted, and are not priced for the 50% off replacement policy. Offer is limited to one half priced rule per customer.


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